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The Mortgage Process

First-time homebuyer? Let us give you peace of mind and explain how the mortgage process will work.

1. Prequalification

This happens before the loan process begins. A Blue Ridge Bank Loan Officer will collect your information and determine how much you can afford and which programs are best for you. Contact one of our Loan Officers to get started!


2. Application

You will now complete the application and sign various forms that authorize us to process your loan. You will be asked to submit information on your personal finances and the home you wish to purchase.

3. Processing/Appraisal

When all information is received, we will make sure it’s correct and order a property appraisal. Once completed, we will contact the closing attorney to prepare the title search.

4. Underwriting

During this step we will review the appraisal, title report, and all other required documentation. We will issue the loan once everything has been approved.

5. Closing Date

We will schedule a date that coordinates with all parties to sign the final documents to close the loan.

6. Move in

Congratulations! It’s time to move into your new home.